Hitting It Hard Feat. FlipPOINT & Terry Poppins Remix Pack 91bpm

by Mr Twitch

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Remix pack for Hitting It Hard, hear the original here - goo.gl/VF1rwg


released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Acapella
Welcome everybody to this song with Mr Twitch,
I’m gonna tell you a little story about how I feel when I’ve been going out to much,
And then a little bit about why I like to go out too much, here we go...

I’ve been hitting it harder then I should
Hitting it a little harder then I usually would
Hitting it hard and it ain't all good
The way I’m feeling should be understood

Because when a hangover becomes the norm
To many nights up until the crack of dawn
You start to loose connection start loose your form
You have been warned

I try to speak
But my words are disconnected
my ability to string the words together is neglected
my head is hectic
And I expect it is infected
As it shuts down its protection
From the drugs i have selected

But not injected
Just in-hailed to feel elated
But the next day its debated
And i hate it
I've got to wait
Now reality return to me please

I've damaged
The electrons in my brain
Will all need to be retrained
The only person in the world to blame
And the person dropping these rhymes is the same

Just like a tattoo it presented on my skin
You can see it in my eyes when you look within
I've took my nerves and thrown them in
To a blender, and where they’re going
There’s no return to sender

A visit to the doctor will not mend ya
You need to defend yourself
From the drugs themselves

Try not to do them cuz there's nothing else to do
When there's nothing else to do i tend to do them like a fool

Now reality return me to my knees
I think I've lost the keys
To intoxication
I need to crack the code
Cuz these drugs on me have got a hold

Surely I can’t get away with this
I Kinda feel all right after a night of bliss
All I’ve got is some loss of confidence
And an underlying feeling of being worthless

Surely I can’t get away with this
I Kinda feel all right after a night of bliss
All I’ve got is some loss of confidence
And an underlying feeling of being worthless

I’ve been doing pills for a few years now.
But I’d only do them now and again for a big one
Like a night out in Bristol or the Valve Sound System.

And even then I’d only do one or two,
Didn’t need much if the DJ was spinning good tunes,
If the system was fat and the people would chat to you.
Even if they didn’t know you

But now I can’t seem to refuse.
I do them more and more and more
And I choose to ingest them,
On a regular basis
Do you wanna do half, here ya go yo take this.

I can’t resist when it makes you feel so good
And you can sill hold a conversation
Still walk in straight line
Get chatting to that girl over there in no time

You could wake up with a pocket full of cash
only spent club entry and a tenner on hash
Your hangover it just don’t exist
You feel a whole better then if you got pissed

Shout out to Terry
The legendary
The sometimes scary
The very merry
Terry Poppins
For letting me record this at his crib
The no 1 creekside after hours venue
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